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Book Babe

Y’all. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I received my galley copies this week. After all this time, I got to hold my book in my hands. It’s a dream come true. I’m headed back into my writing cave! I post updates and fun pictures whenever I can during the summer. -C

Why Stories Matter

“Ma, what did grandma look like?” Whenever I asked this question as a young child, my mother paused what she was doing and thought. She closed her eyes and told me about her mom. My family does not have a single picture of my grandmother due to family tragedies, sudden and frequent moves, and other…

What’s New For November

I wrote a holiday romance story “It Happened One Yule” for an anthology. Feel free to check it out! I wrote an audio rom-com recently published by @listenmeetcute! Listen to #MeetCute stories wherever you get your podcasts: I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month. [NaNoWriMo] If you might be interested in learning more about this event, here’s a link. It’s…

Cartoon by @mayharte

About Me

Hi, I’m Celestine. Previously a spelling bee coach, I moonlight as a romance writer on nights and weekends. I spend most of my time with my husband and baby girl in New York but this blog is for my love of reading, writing and sharing my favorites books with you!

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