Hello! My name is Celestine Martin and I moonlight as a romance writer while holding down my full time job.

What should you know about me:

  • I write paranormal romance and contemporary romance with a focus on Black and Interracial partnerships and relationships. You’re going to see Black woman having their happily ever afters and happily for nows in my short stories, novels and novellas.
  • I was raised at the Jersey Shore and my hometown has left an impression on me. You can take the girl out of Jersey but you can’t take the Jersey out the girl.
  • I love planners, making to do lists and planning tools [stickers and washi tape]. Calendars layout make me happy. Planners keep me from missing most deadlines and due dates. I scrapbook, crochet and enjoy paper crafts. I’m a planner who loves make lists and use planning stickers.
  • I love History and researching historical events, moments and ideas. I have a card from at least four libraries including a reader’s card from the Library of Congress.
  • I love books. I read a lot of them in different genres and formats but I do my best to respect every writer and their work with my notes and comments.
A few of my favorite things–books, stars, tea and beaches.

Published by Celestine Martin

I love stories. I love writing stories.

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