With everything going on in the world, I often stop and ask myself one question.

What gives me joy?

Fairy tales. Folklore. Pictures of people blowing bubbles and being carefree. Keanu Reeves in designer suits. I make a list of people, places, and things that give me joy and I seek them out. I go on Pinterest and just save as many quotes, images and things that make me smile. I replenish my invisible joy jar and keep going on doing good meaningful work. I know I sound like a straight up Care Bear, but oh well. It’s what’s on my heart. Right now, my writing and stories give me sustainable joy.

Photo Credit: iStock

Seriously, I learned how to be joyful from my Mama. She’s been through so, so, so much in her life but she’s never lost her sense of sincere joy. I’ve watched her smile and navigate a world that has been openly and not so openly hostile to her because of her race and gender. Despite it all, she stayed true to herself. It’s downright inspiring to see. It’s a gift I’ve been thankful to inherit from her and I use that joy to write my stories and create my characters and worlds. My novels, novellas and short stories are going to be goofy, silly and downright sparkly.

I think the world need some joy and sparkle.

Published by Celestine Martin

I love stories. I love writing stories.

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