My Own Private Magic

Rachel True could chill with my coven.

Witches have always been a part of my life. From Glinda the Good Witch to the singing witches of The Wiz, I’ve always wanted to break out my spell book, find my herbs and gather my candles. I’ve loved witches since I first saw Hocus Pocus in grade school on Halloween. I related more to Kathy Najimy than Bette Midler, and I was always able to work a ponytail when required. My love of witches continued through both Charmed shows, the Good Witch series [my niece and I both love the sweet magical show], and witchy movies Practical Magic and The Craft. I celebrated Rachel True as my solitary Black Witch in mid-90s pop culture. She was my tween inspiration for looking into spell work and learning about Wiccan and Hoodoo work. In addition, my own genealogy work has led me to discover the wise and spell working women in my family. I’ve always been dismayed by the lack of Black and Brown witches in pop culture and literature.

I know magic exists in my family and community. My Mama got vibes when something company was showing up, or some trouble was going down. My Great Grandmother could see ghosts. A long time family friend is a root-worker in the Gullah tradition. I’m surrounded by everyday magic that wasn’t shown or seen anywhere else. I knew magic and saw magic in my life, but not reflected in books or television shows.

Now, I have a chance to share the magic I’ve known and love. Let’s go.

Published by Celestine Martin

I love stories. I love writing stories.

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